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Chakra rollers

Chakra rollers

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7 blends to correspond with the 7 chakras and energy centers in the body

Crown- a blend of frankincense & grapefruit bringing protection and clarity to thoughts and connections.

Third eye- a blend of jasmine and sandlewood helping to tap into your own intuition and open your third eye.

Throat- a blend of lavender and eucalyptus to help with calm, clear communication.

Heart- a blend of rose and bergamot gently nudging your heart center open to let love flow to and from you with ease.

Solar plexus- a blend of lemongrass and lavender easing nerves held in this area and giving a boost to confidence.

Sacral- a blend of neroli and ylang-ylang sparking your creativity and bringing a sense of feminine empowerment.

Root- a blend of cedarwood and rosewood bring an extremely grounding, reassuraning and comforting feeling.

All blended in sweet almond oil 


10ml bottles