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Aroma Rollers

Aroma Rollers

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These aromatherapy pulse point rollers are made with 100% natural ingredients including grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and pure essential oils. Available in a range of blends. Contains 10ml. 

Calm~ Lavender bergamot and orange to restore feelings of calm, balance and positivity.

Sleep~ Chamomile frankincense and lavender an extremely soothing blend to help aid with a blissful nights sleep.

Awake~ Bergamot and grapefruit a fresh citrus blend to awaken your senses and lift your spirit.

I love me~ Rosewood benzoin and mandarin warm comforting blend encourages relaxation. 

Ground & Manifest~ Frankincense petitgrain & orange to help ground your energy and manifest your desires.

Meditation~ Sandlewood lavender & Jasmine helping bring quiet and stilllness to you mind body & soul.

To use roll oil onto pulse points, soles of feet, simply on your palms or anywhere you find comforting.

Take some deep mindful breathes inhaling the wonderful aromas and embrace their effects on your wellbeing.

***Avoid using Calm &  Awake on skin exposed to the sun!!!